Saturday, 22 September 2007

stuck in memphis

hi all , we are at mephis airport (just flown in from nashville) , awaiting a flight to the big easy and then fron the big easy back to memphis. I have now fully recovered from my sun/heat stroke and i am currently drinkinking a bloody mary. mark has gone AWOL , in fact i think he has gone for a crafty fag. He too has a bloody mary to consume. Last night we went downtown nashville (the heart of country music especially tootsies which we went to and from where i bought a t shirt)

Because we are doing a lot of travelling today and we are still in a country mood i am now going to print a quote from one of dads favourite singers (jim reeves), this quote is taken from a book i bought from nashville called twang - the ultimate book of country music quotations

"What i dislike mostis the traveling. The main trouble and danger, maybe, with tours,is getting there and back"

- jim reeves 1924-1964 one year before dying in an airplane crash

Hope all is well with you all back home and , dad that you are ok , ill have to go now its my turn to pay the bar bill

Have a nice day


Anonymous said...

As you are now home there isn't much point in commenting on your crafty account of life in memphis.I have now found out how to use your blog, but I expect I will have forgotten again by Christmas in N Y time

cheers Dad X X X

Anonymous said...

silly old fool