Friday, 7 September 2007

Phil in Central Park, Manhattan

This photo of Phil was taken on the morning of his very first full day in NYC. Photo: Central Park, Manhattan, October 31, 2004.
It serves as an initial test for uploading photos to his blog.
The alignment is adjustable: photos can be left, centre and right justified (Times font).
Note that accompanying text wraps round the photo as you can see by scrolling below.
Comments can be written in a choice of fonts (Arial font).
What I'd like to do next is to see if it's possible tto bump up the size of the photo. Cheers / Mark (Verdana font)


Mark said...

Interesting - typographically, the input window doesn't quite match the output screen, hence the orphaned exclamation mark.

'Times' seems to be the most attractive font to use.


Mark said...

Sorry, I meant the orphaned comma.

Asasia said...

Interesting to know.